Working on my Windows 7 Software Review blog is so much fun that doing it for Windows 8 would make sense. This is written on Windows 7 RC, on a HP TouchSmart IQ 506. Around the time Windows 8 releases, this blog will cover -
  1. Windows 8 Software.
  2. Top Windows Programs for 8.
  3. Windows 8 Software Reviews.
Windows 8 might be called Midori, and there's going to be a complete write-up. I think there are a few possiblities as far as software -
  1. Using a Vitural Machine (HyperVisor) to support all XP and Windows 7 software.
  2. (Rather unlikely) Force a migration.
  3. An extensive web app library and more of a focus on Cloud computing.
  4. The rumors are wrong and Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7 in architecture.
Will update this page occasionally - not sure whether to do a site with ratings and stuff or just put up a blog. Stay tuned.